Budget Cuts FINALLY hits PSVR

Budget Cuts FINALLY hits PSVR

Budget Cuts, the oil-splatter filled action VR title originally released in 2018, has finally hit PSVR. Described by IGN as "one of the best games we've played in VR yet," Budget Cuts was originally slated to release on PSVR earlier this year, but saw a number of delays as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Budget Cuts puts the player in the shoes of a human employee at the fictional megacorporation TransCorp. Guided by a mysterious voice named 'Winta' over the telephone, you are tasked with sneaking around the office complex, solving puzzles and engaging in combat. Your mission: destroy the hostile robots which patrol the corridors while you discover the fate of your fellow employees.

Strafe, battle and solve puzzles to uncover the mystery of your fellow employees... (Credit: Neat Corporation)

The game has been widely celebrated for its combat, humour and PlayStation Move controller integration. But the campaign only lasts a few hours, one of the key issues critics have taken with the game. For $29.99, it certainly doesn't take that long to beat. The PSVR version is bolstered with a number of extras, though. In addition to an arcade mode players have access to when the story is over, Neat have also included an exclusive PSVR level and all previously released DLC.

The PSVR package includes a brand new exclusive level and all previously released DLC for $29.99. (Credit: Neat Entertainment)

It's a good month for brilliant VR experiences FINALLY coming to PSVR. So after you're done with Budget Cuts, maybe it's time to revisit Minecraft in VR!


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