VR Influencer Showcase: Ben Plays VR

VR Influencer Showcase: Ben Plays VR

I'm a big fan of these influencers with verbs in their names. Seems especially prominent in the VR space, and I'm all for it. Ben Plays VR, well, plays VR. He's been at this for longer than most, and that's pretty special. More than 3 whole years has passed since he first "played" VR, and I think it's cool that he was making VR content consistently before almost anyone.

Ben Playing VR for the first time on camera

Who is Ben Plays VR?

Well, he's a guy named Ben, who plays VR. Jokes aside, Ben is a VR Youtuber who got his start doing gameplay videos. As his channel grew and his ethos appreciated, he started reviewing games, and then accessories, and now he's sort of an all in one place to watch someone play VR, hear about the coolest games coming out, or get an idea of what games you should already be playing.

3 years ago he put out his first 2 minute review - a series he continues to this day.

If you're looking for someone who posts VR content regularly (PCVR and otherwise), Ben has a great channel to check out. His content is professional, informative, and inspiring. In this own words, "VR has consumed me. It feels like pure magic and fills me with wonder. So I'm devoting as much time as I can to playing, reviewing, and curating the best VR experiences."

I really enjoy what Ben brings to the table, and I think anyone looking to learn more about the industry, or looking to indulge themself with hours of incredibly produced content should give him a shot. Check Ben out on Youtube and Twitter!