Baby Yoda in VR – Star Wars: Squadrons Mandalorian update

Baby Yoda in VR – Star Wars: Squadrons Mandalorian update

The latest update for the VR compatible Star Wars: Squadrons drops October 28th. It is being released to celebrate the launch of the second season of the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian.

There will be new cosmetic flairs for your ship themed around the show. There are hanging flairs that look like a beskar ingot and the Razor Crest, the Mandalorian’s spaceship. They are also including some holograms of characters and creatures from the show.

The big news comes from the dashboard flair updates. The first is a miniature IG-Series assassin droid, voiced by Taika Waititi in the first episode of the show. The second and most important dashboard flair is a miniature “Mysterious Creature” or as it is more commonly known, Baby Yoda.

Unfortunately, Baby Yoda is just a dashboard flair, it can be placed in the cockpit of your X-Wing of TIE Fighter, but that is about it. Like the other flairs that developer EA Motive have released, the figure does not animate or interact with the environment, it’s just interesting to look at.

This update is the same whether or not you play the game in VR or on your TV. These sorts of updates seem to be par for the course and we should expect more of them in the future. Just don’t expect any crazy new updates full of content, the developer has confirmed that they have no plans to produce any DLC for the title. Quest users will be equally disappointed as the developer has also confirmed that they will not be porting the game to Oculus Quest devices.

If you are Quest owner, you do have some Starr Wars VR content to look forward to, Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge launches next month. It’s a VR experience developed by Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment studio ILMxLAB. The app will feature some game like elements but if their previous titles are anything to go by, this will be closer to Vader Immortal than Star Wars: Squadrons


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