Arcade Driving Simulator 'Nightvision: Drive Forever' Announces VR Support

Arcade Driving Simulator 'Nightvision: Drive Forever' Announces VR Support

Arcade driving game Nightvision: Drive Forever developer Hoodust Enterprises have announced VR support, with closed testing beginning soon.

Hoodust Enterprises, the developer behind the hit arcade driving game Nightvision: Drive Forever have announced that the game will receive support for virtual reality headsets in a free update "coming soon."

I use that term - "coming soon" - because we don't quite know exactly when the update will drop. In fact, all we know is that closed testing of VR support will begin soon.

Nightvision is unique among driving titles as it makes a point to celebrate an exploration of realism. The roads you drive on will have varied weather, switching from clear skies to rain and storms in an instant. However, the game also implements elements familiar to other popular driving games, including time trails, arcade challenges and a story mode.

There's also an 'Endless Mode' - a perpetually generated road that never ends, allowing you to zone out completely. I'm sure it'll only be more immersive in VR.

Furthermore, Hoodust Enterprises has announced that VR support will work in tandem for the gamepad and steering wheel support fans already enjoy. Total driving immersion - sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

We don't quite know when virtual reality support will launch, but closed testing will begin soon. (Credit: Hoodust Enterprises)

And hey, wouldn't it be good to get a jump on this announcement and snag Nightvision: Drive Forever while it's cheap? Psst, I've got a secret for you: the game is currently available for $17.99 on Steam. Don't tell anyone I told ya!

Nightvision in virtual reality will be a lot of fun. If you're looking for something of a different speed, though, I've got a major update for you: PC VR shooter Contractors has launched on the Oculus Store for Quest.


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