Another Major VR Headset Player in the Game

Another Major VR Headset Player in the Game

Not necessarily new news, but definitely very exciting news, Varjo just raised another hefty sum of money. $54 Million from a few investors, Varjo continues to to keep the flywheels of progress turning as they keep driving technology forward.

If Oculus is consumer, Varjo is enterprise. This Danish company doesn't make headsets to enable you to play Beatsaber, but they do work with some pretty impressive technology, and I imagine the learnings will be adopted by HTC and Oculus over time.

Varjo boasts incredible, human eye resolution (and even photorealistic) viewing experiences, and they do it all...for major corporations. I know, I know, we all want the quest to be disgustingly realistic, but that will take time, as all good consumer things do that don't cost a fortune.

One of their major differentiators (besides being an enterprise solution), is the sort of melding of AR and VR. Now of course the Oculus Quest also has cameras on it, but those are a little different. Those cameras are to enable wireless playing, while Varjo's XR-1 developer addition cameras are to allow you to exist in a new reality, a mixed reality.

This is a true XR or Mixed Reality headset. View the world, but in an augmented manner, while also potentially experiencing a different world, with elements of the world, with augmented features. I'm probably not making sense anymore, but that's mainly because this is BRAND NEW technology.

We're very excited for Varjo's XR-1 headset (and the Varjo VR-2 ain't half bad either), as we know it's only a matter of time before this technology makes its way into the consumer market.

In a separate vein, there is a lot of awesome stuff happening for headsets. Check out our post on Tower Defense in VR, and also one of our favorite up and coming VR game studios.