Another VR title delayed: After The Fall Delayed Until 2021

Another VR title delayed: After The Fall Delayed Until 2021

The new title from Arizona Sunshine developer, Vertigo Games, has been delayed until 2021. They announced After The Fall at E3 2019 with a planned release window of 2020, since that announcement the team have been light on the updates, only breaking their semi-silence to announce the delay on Twitter.

Vertigo Games tweeted out the following statement:

“We have made the difficult decision to move the launch of After the Fall to early 2021, to ensure the development team has sufficient time to deliver the experience that meets our vision.

“We want to make After The Fall the best and most gripping co-op VR FPS experience possible. However, with the Covid-19 outbreak and everything going on in the world, we are facing several challenges that require more time to safely develop After The Fall and meet our high standards.

“We understand that this is not the news that you were hoping to hear, and we can assure you that we would have loved to have delivered you a great experience this holiday season. At the same time, we want to deliver the best 4-player co-op action VR FPS that you can expect from us. Therefore, we are taking the additional time we need to get everything just right. We have big plans for After The Fall and we cannot wait to show you more.”

This isn’t the news that anyone would want to hear, let alone deliver to an eager fanbase, but this year has not been kind to developers.

Despite the delay the company has not switched their focus, the game will feature co-op. This was a disappointing omission from their previous title, The Walking Dead: Onslaught. The new title is set in a frozen, grim world where most of the population have turned into shambling monsters (see zombies). The player, along with up to three friends will have to explore an icy Los Angeles searching for weapons and upgrades in an attempt to survive.

The game has been announced for PC VR, PS VR, but no information is available about a potential Quest port. The game looks good, lets hope that the extra few months will not only allow for the game to be finished but maybe add an extra layer of polish.


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Andrew Boggs

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