Anime in VR: HTC and Bandai Namco Pictures To Partner

Anime in VR: HTC and Bandai Namco Pictures To Partner

HTC Vive has announced that it will partner with Bandai Namco to begin bringing anime content to HTC's VR app store and subscription service for the first time.

It's not clear when we'll see the first fruits of the partnership, but the firms have announced that they plan to roll out "new immersive animations and virtual social interactions."

VR giant HTC has announced that it plans to partner with Bandai Namco - a Japanese video game publisher, animation studio and production company - to begin bringing exclusive and immersive anime content to HTC's VR app store 'Viveport'.

This is a pretty big deal. Although we've seen a few forays into VR anime before - Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing was a huge success when it launched on the Oculus Quest 2 last year - a steady stream of anime material will cultivate the praise of a fandom often neglected in the VR space.

There are also whispers that exclusive content could be available only with the Viveport Infinity Subscription plan - HTC's multi-platform games on demand service.

Luckily, HTC Vive players wont be the only ones who will get to enjoy brand new immersive anime content in VR, even if it is part of the Infinity subscription service. The Viveport app store is open to the vast majority of VR headsets including Oculus and Windows Mixed Reality headsets, as well as the Valve Index.

Here's hoping we hear something more concrete about the partnership next month at VIVECON 2021, HTC's upcoming festival event which will take place next month, between Tuesday the 11th and Wednesday the 12th of May, 2021. We already expect to hear some announcement about an upcoming HTC Vive All-In-One.

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