Among US VR Lookalike Released

Among US VR Lookalike Released

Earlier this month, we reported that someone had created a Fall Guys lookalike for Rec Room. RecFallGuys gave players the opportunity to experience the phenomenon in VR for the first time and it looked amazing. Now, in record time, a Rec Room rip-off of sleeper hit Among Us has been launched and users are having a blast experiencing the fad in VR.

The original game may look simplistic at first glance. But make no mistake, Among Us is a phenomenon like no other. (Credit: InnerSloth)

If you're not familiar with it, Among Us is a multi-player party game with a simple premise. You and up to ten others are stranded on a space station and a single imposter is let loose to cause mayhem. It is the job of the mob to deduce which member of the team is the imposter. Although released in 2018, the game has recently grown exponentially in popularity. Now, a user has released a recreation of the game using Rec Room's game creation tools.

YouTuber Soul Fox Gaming has shared his experience with Among Us RR and it looks hilarious.

But, as with Fall Guys RR, Among Us RR loses out on some of the original's key functionality. There's no cartoony gore, no customisable outfits, and matchmaking can be a pain. But if you get lucky, the mayhem is enough to convince you that a VR port of the original can't be far away.

Who knows how long Among Us VR will last on Rec Room, considering it is - once again - undeniably an infringement of InnerSloth's IP. But, while it lasts, it's certainly worth checking out. (Credit: RoadToVR)

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