All Oculus Quest Games that offer 120Hz refresh rates

All Oculus Quest Games that offer 120Hz refresh rates

The newest update for the Oculus Quest 2 software, v28, added a much-requested feature to the headsets. Facebook have now officially launched support of 120Hz refresh rates. Now, that  the update has gone live, some games have already updated to take advantage of the higher refresh rates.

Quest 2 users can opt into the 120 Hz option via a toggle in the Experimental panel to experience these applications at higher frame rates.

Echo VR

Ready At Dawn, the developers behind the zero g game have announced that Echo VR now supports 120Hz “during core gameplay”. This means that the arenas can be played at 120Hz but the rest of the areas will still run at 90Hz. The fluid gameplay of Echo VR will definitely benefit from a higher refresh rate.


This was the first Quest game to add support for 120Hz refresh rates. It is a relatively basic game but the core gameplay loop is fun and addictive. They don’t have much in the way of detailed or intricate art assets, physics simulations, or lighting effects. They must have had an easier time in supporting higher refresh rates.

Racket Fury

The second Quest game to receive support for 120Hz refresh rates. Make sure to enable 120Hz support in the Experimental Settings menu of your Quest and in the video option settings of the game.

Eleven Table Tennis

The update has not yet been released, but the team behind one of the most accurate table tennis simulators have announced that they will be adding 120Hz support into the game. In my opinion, this is one of the best games on the Quest hardware and it will only get better with the increase in refresh rate.

Rhythm ‘n Bullets

This is an App Lab game for the Oculus Quest and it is the first App Lab selection to offer 120Hz refresh rates.

Virtual Desktop

The new beta release of Virtual Desktop supports 120Hz streaming. Now that Oculus has their own Air Link wireless game streaming options, this will be a new way to differentiate themselves from the official service. If you want the 120Hz update, select and opt into the beta release.

The issue with high frame rates and refresh rates for headsets like the Quest 2 that do not have the power of a high-end gaming PC behind them means that developers will have to sacrifice visual quality and the complexity of the game. Despite this, less intensive games have already taken advantage of the update.


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Andrew Boggs

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